Leaders at Morrison August 14, 2015

Recognizing Leaders at Work

We’d like to recognize Leaders at Work Jody LeBouef, Riser Superintendent, and Jerry Schulte, Maintenance Manager, for identifying unsafe work practices and utilizing “Stop Work Authority” in the prevention of injury and property damage.

What Happened: During the loading process of a non-working forklift, Jerry and Jody noticed a 3rd party vendor spraying starting fluid into the air filter to run the engine for loading and that the forklift was being loaded in reverse with the left tire half off the trailer. They did not hesitate to call an “All Stop” and assist the vendor with the proper loading of the equipment.

“Jerry and Jody are the kind of supervisors every organization is starving for. Organized, attentive, caring and always leading with SAFETY FIRST. Our organization is privileged to have them in their positions as they are role models in Safety leadership and operational excellence. I thank them for stopping the at-risk activity and assisting in completing it safely.” – Bo Ristic, Vice President, HSEQ

Always Remember: Every employee has the authority to call an “All Stop.” If you witness an unsafe activity, whether at work or at home, be a leader and speak up.