Morrison’s diving division specializes in building and maintaining subsea infrastructure, utilizing expertise in saturation diving, commercial diver operations, and dive support vessels. From greenfield pipeline construction to modifications and additions on existing brownfield projects, our team of experts plan and execute according to engineered procedures designed with the highest regard and accountability for personnel safety and environmental protection.

Oil and gas upstream producers and midstream pipeline transportation companies make up our primary client base. Other clients include EPCIC subsea contractors, EPCIC renewable energy contractors, salvage contractors, structural and subsea engineering firms, project management firms and government entities with facilities that are located in a marine environment.


Subsea pipeline and platform installations, inspections, repair and maintenance services can be executed near shore or in deepwater locations by our world-class dive teams. Our dive teams are highly experienced, trained and certified to build and maintain the infrastructure on offshore platforms that require work below the surface to assist with pipeline construction at the seabed and along pipeline routes.


  • Seabed on bottom stability of pipelines and structures
  • Pipeline inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Platform inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Pipeline tie-ins
  • Pipeline integrity
  • Pipeline burial assistance
  • Structural inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Leak prevention
  • Salvage inspection and recovery operations

Whether using personnel in zero or near-zero visibility, diving with surface air, mixed gases, saturation dives at extreme water depths or using unmanned remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), all activities are monitored and directed from the surface in an environment under rigid controls based on the highest quality diving safety standards.