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Wind energy is the future and the future is here.

Many of our clients are at the forefront of the initiative to develop lower-carbon technology, which includes offshore wind and other renewable energy developments. Wind is the largest source of renewable power in the United States and will continue to play a significant role in sustainable U.S. energy in the coming years.

So, what role will Morrison take?

As an established and preferred contractor and fabricator for many major energy companies, Morrison remains focused on being an integral part of the supply chain to deliver alternative solutions for energy.

Morrison is an ideal partner to provide fabricated components and cable installation services to the developers and innovators of the wind and renewable industries.

Morrison recognizes the need to obtain clean and affordable energy solutions. With this we are focused on identifying areas we can participate in to deliver alternative solutions for energy. “We are proud to be a part of these efforts and are eager to provide solutions for the benefit of all.”
-Kirk Meche, Director of Renewable Energy

Fabrication of Modules & Foundations

By utilizing our fabrication facilities in the US, Mexico and Caribbean we deliver greater collective capacities to support fabrication of substations, jackets and ancillary components for large-scale projects. This combination of resources and labor provide schedule assurances and reliability.

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Near Shore/Onshore Cable Installations

As an experienced shallow water/onshore pipeline installation contractor, Morrison has the proficiency, personnel and resources to perform cable lay from substations to the onshore power grid.

Morrison can modify our company-owned pipelay barges to accommodate various cable sizes or outfit third-party vessels with the proper equipment to meet specific project requirements.

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On-site Services and Logistics
Morrison recognizes the importance of utilizing local content in areas near coastal wind developments. Our Mexico and Trinidad facilities are two examples of our ability to develop and maintain infrastructure and build local content in new areas.


Morrison continues to explore new and innovative solutions for the industry. One example is the iJacket. Morrison and iSIMS have teamed up to optimize structural performance and provide significant cost savings for the offshore oil and gas and renewables industries. The revolutionary iJacket can reduce the material and labor requirements of traditional foundation by up to 40%.