morrison fmh cabling services

FHM Cabling Services

Morrison provides a wide range of services, including near shore power cable installation, array cable installation, and power cable repair to the US Offshore Wind market. As a trusted Marine Contractor, Morrison offers specialized teams with decades of expertise in ultrashallow environments adept at cable installation, tower pull-in, and maintenance of farm-to-grid export cables. Morrison brings its proven track record of working in congested marine environments in the oil and gas industry to the growing wind and renewables sector.

Morrison’s expert, integrated crews and management teams offer comprehensive support services and provide quality solutions for offshore wind projects. From cable laying and trenching, to pull-in execution and operations and maintenance, Morrison’s teams ensure that all aspects of the project are handled with precision and efficiency. Furthermore, Morrison’s commitment to safety, environmental stewardship, and quality assurance ensures that they provide the highest level of service to their clients worldwide.

Foss Offshore Wind, Haugland Energy, and Morrison Energy have collaborated to establish FHM Cable Services through a Teaming Agreement, forming a strategic partnership. FHM Cable Services aims to provide extensive support services for array cable installation, power cable repair, and near shore power cable installation to cater to the US Offshore Wind market.

By utilizing the individual strengths of each partner, FHM Cable Services provides an unmatched level of service to the rapidly expanding US Renewable Energy sector. Foss, with its extensive experience in offshore vessel operation, Haugland’s proficiency in HV terminations, jointing, and fiber optic splicing, and Morrison’s expertise in diving, fabrication, offshore engineering, and installation have all been integrated to create a seamless and comprehensive service.

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