July 27, 2023

Morrison Completes Onshore Construction Project: Crescent Swordfish

Morrison achieved remarkable success on the Crescent Swordfish Project. The project aimed to create bi-directional capabilities for an existing facility through pre-fabrication, field fabrication, and mechanical services.

Our client was eager to get back “online” so Morrison rose to the challenge and worked under pressure to complete the project in a much shorter time period than typically necessary for these operations. Heavy weather delays and unforeseen issues tested the team’s resilience. However, the teams unwavering commitment to the project ensured they overcame these obstacles, adapting their strategies as needed to keep the project on track.

The Crescent Swordfish Project is a testament to Morrison’s resilience and expertise delivering exceptional results. Under the leadership of Josh Guidry (Project Manager) and Kerry King (Superintendent), our crews did an outstanding job completing the shutdown in a remarkable 7 days.

From the client, “Morrison crews worked all night last night, 24 hours, we are online! Outstanding!” We commend the team for their work!