Morrison pipeline July 29, 2015

Marine Dive Crew Receives Recognition

Morrison’s Dive Division was called out to a project to repair a pipeline leak. Phase I of this project was the recovery of 500’+ of 24″ pipeline, cutting stub ends back and installing end connectors on the north and south stubs. Our team had many unique challenges, including extreme river currents. We have completed Phase I of the project incident and injury free.

“I would be remiss to not highlight the entire dive crew for the job they helped develop and execute. We had experienced divers on this inland project, who contributed to data collection and set up and helped to devise a workable dive plan in conditions that were considered extreme in any diving circle. They have shown what a group of determined, safety conscious, proud employees can do when working as a team. They displayed absolute professionalism and Morrison pride.” – Adam Buffington, Project Manager/Dive Superintendent.