August 3, 2023

Fabrication and Load Testing of GE Blade Rack Spreader Bars Complete

Building on its previous successful involvement with GE and the Vineyard Wind 1 Project, Morrison has completed fabrication of two blade rack spreader bars to support and optimize storage and installation of Haliade-X wind turbines.

Each spreader bar weighed in at 76 s.t. and measured 230 feet long. The spreader bars will sit atop vertical tower storage frames and serve as a crucial component in the transport, storage, and installation of the 850-foot tall wind turbines.

Morrison was contracted to fully manage the project which included project management, procurement, construction and delivery to New Bedford, Massachusetts. Morrison applied creative solutions on an aggressive schedule to ensure quality and meet the strict tolerances while meeting the delivery date.

Morrison managed this scope while successfully completing and delivering pre-assembly stands to GE for the same project.

Load testing of each spreader bar with 565 s.t. required a precise and detailed project execution plan, prepared in part by Versabar.


Morrison brought its multifaceted expertise to identify potential areas of concern and effectively mitigate the execution timeline risks. Through a creative combination of strategic subcontracting, project management, planning and coordination, material sourcing, and constructability experience, Morrison Fabrication delivered on its scope to GE.

Derrick Bourg, Brent Desselle, Norris Cheramie, and Dale Martin were all recognized for their “outstanding management of complex quality expectations for GE Offshore Wind Projects. These managers and their teams exceeded regulatory, client, and Morrison quality expectations, setting an example for all future renewable projects.”

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