CMex partners with ANSPAC for 9th year September 16, 2016

CMex partners with ANSPAC for 9th year to graduate 4 different units.

By Sariel Enríquez, Consultor de RH for Chet Morrison Contractors

Chet Morrison Contractors, Mexico (CMex) has partnered with ANSPAC for 9 years.  ANSPAC promotes social advancement through continuing education on self-esteem and self-knowledge for working adults. The group is concerned with enhancing family values.  In June 2016, graduation ceremonies were held for all the ANSPAC units in Veracruz state and diplomas were given to the women who finished the basic and advance courses.

ANSPAC recruits and teaches volunteers connected with a local business (i.e. the wives of business executives) on how to teach courses to the wives of workmen in the same business. The result is the social betterment of both trainers and the students. There is also a group focused in youth, ages 11-16. The trainers for these young individuals are men and women studying for technical careers in Alvarado, Veracruz.

This year the ANSPAC motto was: “Making the ordinary, extraordinary”.  In the ceremony, there were special mentions given to the animators who have participated in ANSPAC for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years.  The excitement during these ceremonies proves why ANSPAC Veracruz is nationally recognized for its efforts and dedication.

“I have been blessed to attend the graduations and listen to the testimonies of the participants year after year.  It’s really amazing to see how this program reaches so many lives.” – Sariel Enriquez.