Happy Father's Day June 20, 2021

Two Fathers from our Construction Team talk about their family on Father’s Day

Being a dad in this industry can be hard at times as many nights are spent away from families and loved ones. We salute our dads for working hard to provide for their families at home.

Here are two dads from our Construction team who gave us a little insight into their world back at home:

Harvey Pertuit

I’m a proud father of three amazing boys. Harvey III is 18 years old and has been working with me at Morrison since last August. Working with him has allowed me to have a little bit of home out on the road.

My other two sons, Landon and Lane, are thirteen year old twins. I love watching them grow into young men and making their way through life. Even though they are twins, they are the complete opposite. Landon is of the competitive nature and loves the outdoors and being athletic whereas Lane is more laid back and is a gamer who has his own YouTube channel.

When I’m home, we take trips to sporting events mostly LSU football and baseball games. I absolutely cherish watching Landon and Lane play football and baseball!

Christopher Van Allen

I’m able to celebrate Father’s Day because of my son, Grayson, who is 18 months old. Grayson is typical toddler who loves to stay active by playing outside and riding his tractor. He also loves animals and enjoys swimming.

I love watching him grow up and become his own person. I particularly enjoy watching him take all his firsts, especially his first steps. It bring me great joy just watching him discover and learn new things. When I’m home we like to make the most of it by playing outside, taking boat rides, and just spend quality time with each other as a family.

Special thanks to my wife, Magean, of 5 years for being a strong woman taking care of our home while I’m away providing for our family.

We wish all our dads a happy Father’s Day. We appreciate you!