Preserving shell lost lake November 7, 2019

Working Together to Protect Our Coast

The subsiding coast of Louisiana is an ecological event that is occurring at an astonishing rate (an average loss of 1-ac/hr).  This land hosts a vibrant coastal ecosystem, a large fishing and sportsman industry and critical infrastructure for Oil & Gas both driving the economy and energy needs of the US.  Approx. 1/3 of the US’ oil flows through pipelines in LA, collected offshore on platforms and transported to US refineries and then distributed around the country.  As the coastal environment and climate conditions change, Shell Pipeline has demonstrated leadership and coastal asset stewardship using natural infrastructure to fortify and enhance vulnerable coastal land.

With potential pipeline exposure on their Ship Shoal Pipeline system, Shell Pipeline looked to utilize natural infrastructure as an alternative to traditional infrastructure such as cement or bulkheads for closing off the pipeline right of way (ROW).  MORRISON was engaged to work alongside them and their partners, Jacobs and Martin Ecosystems, to install an EcoBale system for marsh mitigation and restoration for pipeline protection and cover.

In this project, natural infrastructure was utilized through 60 EcoBales which provided the ability for less footprint and is expected to create a natural ridge or living shoreline and ecosystem to achieve the result desired.

“Living and working in Louisiana, the coastline is vital to our way of life. We are proud to work for companies like Shell Pipeline who are taking the initiative to protect our coast through projects like this.” states Kelly Reeves, VP of Marketing for MORRISON.

Watch how alongside Shell Pipeline Company LP, Jacobs and Martin Ecosystems, we turned over 96,000 recycled plastic bottles into a lasting natural infrastructure solution to help protect the coast.




(This article was in collaboration with partners mentioned above)