TOFCO community May 11, 2017

TOFCO: Global Reach. With Community Focus.

It takes world-class people to deliver world-class service. And in just 13 short years, TOFCO has assembled a team of experts who are already at the top of their game. It’s a team that personifies pride in a job well done—a group of incredible people who have taught us what it means to have Trinidad pride.

They are the reason we work here, and they are the reason we will continue to work here.

What started as a core group of eight individuals has since expanded to a full roster of team members –  from skilled craftsmen to industry professionals.  Some among senior leadership started with us on day one. Others sought entry-level positions, only to rise through the ranks because of their hard work and diligence. Growth grounded in merit is the way we’ve always done business.

Turnover remains low, while quality of work remains high. People come to us looking for opportunities, they are loyal to us and in turn we ensure they continue to grow. Even in the face of adversity, our team emerges stronger, resulting in an environment that breeds understanding—and that presents us the opportunity to learn about one another. It’s perhaps most apparent in our Monday morning meetings, when we all gather to discuss safety, conquer challenges and set the tone for the week with a prayer.

Above all, we remain community focused. In 2016 alone, we are proud to say that we supported more than 30 organizations and causes throughout the community.  It is our aim to help people who cannot otherwise help themselves.  And we hope that through this outreach the residents are uplifted and empowered.

In short, our success is a testament to our local workforce, and we’re honored Trinidad and Tobago has welcomed us with open arms. More than embedding ourselves in the community, we’re investing in a brighter future for all of us.


And believe us when we say we’re swelling with pride that TOFCO and Trinidad and Tobago, together, are leaders on the world stage.

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