WWII Museum New Orleans October 19, 2018

Providing Protection for The National WWII Museum in New Orleans

Morrison had the esteemed privilege to work with The National WWII Museum in New Orleans, La. to provide thermal sprayed aluminum coating services to the new Bollinger Canopy of Peace.

The Canopy of Peace is a massive 150ft. structure that will unify the museum’s diverse campus and be a fixture of the New Orleans skyline. The 825-ton canopy will be coated to protect it from corrosion. The canopy features a steel lattice framework supporting TeflonTM-coated fiberglass panels. It will be 482ft. long and 134ft. wide, held aloft by four steel legs anchored in more than 1,260 cubic yards of concrete. It was designed by Voorsanger Mathes, LLC. and made possible through a gift given in 2015 from museum trustee, Donald T. Bollinger, and his wife, Joy.

Morrison is honored to be of service to such an important organization and to have the pleasure to work on such a great monument that will be synonymous with New Orleans and the WWII Museum for years to come.

What is Thermal Spray Aluminum?

Thermal Spray Aluminum is metal spraying that involves the projection of small molten particles onto a prepared surface where they adhere and form a continuous coating. Upon contact, the particles flatten onto the surface, solidify, and mechanically bond, initially onto the roughened substrate, and then onto each other as the coating thickness is increased. This is an incredible process, providing 20 years of protection before first maintenance.

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