Morrison Father's day June 20, 2020

Two Captains talk about being Mariners and Proud Fathers

For Father’s Day, we asked the Captains of the largest 4-point saturation dive vessel in the Gulf of Mexico, our Joanne Morrison, to share a little bit about their family with us.

Captain Larry Tompkins, Celebrating 6 years with Morrison

The best part about being a father is watching my children grow into their own as young and responsible adults. Sometimes I question who’s the adult and who’s supposed to be the child.

I’m very proud of all of my children.  My oldest Marissa (26), is married to her wife, Elizabeth. Following college Marissa became a Police Dispatcher for the Spanish Fort Police Department and Elizabeth works for Stokley Nursery.  My youngest is William (25). After graduating college in Culinary Management he started working with Morrison as a cook and is currently working toward being an AB on the Joanne Morrison.  I’m thankful to Morrison for allowing me to work alongside my comedic son every day.  My rock, the mother of my children and the women I’m proud to call my wife, Vickie Lynn, have been married for 26 years. She’s a Police Dispatcher as well for the Dauphin Island Police Department.

I give all the credit to her for raising our children as I’ve spent most of their life at sea.  As a father, the hardest thing has been missing so much while they grew up and not being home the times they needed me the most.  As hard as it’s been to be away, all you can do is trust you’re doing the right thing and make the best of the time you have when it’s given.

Thanks to my wife, the kids sometimes had 2 birthdays. She also explained to them that Santa comes early and sometimes late because some Daddy’s work offshore. Because she did this, it always allowed me to be home for the important things.

Captain Garrett Burroughs, Celebrating 5 years with Morrison

I am a Dad of 30 years.  My daughter, Jasmine, was born on June 18, 1990 weighing a mere 4 pounds 10 ounces.  This date will always be branded for me as it was the first time she was placed in my hands after her birth in the delivery room and I was allowed the opportunity to severer the umbilical cord. The bond was made at that moment and is still as strong as ever.

Enduring a 20-year navy career followed by a continued 19 years as a Mariner, I managed to support her through elementary, junior high, high school and 6 years of college.

Jasmine is currently married to a wonderful supporting husband. They reside in Albuquerque,  New Mexico.  She contracts with the school system as a child development counselor for high school kids making a six figure salary. I’m privileged to be the proud Dad of a beautiful, charming and successful daughter.


We wish these two wonderful fathers – and all our Morrison fathers – a very special and happy Father’s Day!