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240′ with a 70 ton crane and 5,750 sq ft deck space and moon-pool, this vessel is the LARGEST IN ITS CLASS in the GOM with capabilities to support diving projects in depths up to 1000’ of seawater.

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DSV Joanne Morrison is a 240 ft saturation dive support vessel with capabilities to perform work in depths as deep as 1,000 ft. of seawater and is the largest of its class in the Gulf of Mexico. It hosts all equipment onboard to allow divers to lower into the water through a centralized moon pool and make subsea connections, abandon pipelines and perform various subsea repairs and diving tasks. 

It is equipped with a 70-ton hydraulic crane and 1,100 ft of crane wire which is double the capacity of any other 4-point of its class, allowing it to perform larger projects in 500 ft of water and providing a more cost effective option than utilizing a DP vessel. There is 5,750 sq ft of open deck space, making it the largest back deck on a vessel of its class. The sheer size of the open deck space provides more room to load equipment on the initial mobilization and reduces the dependency on extra supply vessel runs during operations. 

The vessel consists of a stable working platform with a 4-point mooring system. The saturation diving system is moon pool deployed, providing a safer dive descend due to its centralized location on the vessel. The saturation diving system is capable of supporting six divers, enabling multi-depth operations or ongoing decompression supported by a self-launching hyperbaric rescue chamber (HRC). These features allow for the vessel to safely withstand rough seas and tides that would typically result in weather downtime.

The vessel has four generators on board, a dedicated saturation diving system generator and an emergency generator, further reducing the risk of downtime. With the large capacity for fuel, water and supply, the vessel is self-sufficient for up to 14 days before resupply of grocery, and longer if necessary, before needing to replenish fuel and water.

The vessel’s heavy anchors, 1-1/4 in anchor cables and winches allow for a firmer, solid rest on the sea bottom. This stable anchoring avoids the potential for unsafe anchor drags in congested areas during rougher seas.

In 2019, the vessel completed a major dry dock with upgrades to the vessel and diving systems resulting in enhanced performance for safety and operational assurance. The vessel has fully updated certifications, diving systems and capabilities.

The DSV Joanne Morrison supports oil and gas operators and transmission companies handling a multitude of projects involving saturation diving in the Gulf of Mexico with a higher level of safety and efficiency than similar vessels of its class.


Name: Joanne Morrison

Type: Dive Support Vessel (DSV)

Flag / Class: U.S.A. / ABS

Dimensions: 240 ft x 48 ft

Open Deck Space: 5,750 sq ft

Crane Capacity: 70-ton hydraulic crane


  • 4-point anchor mooring system
  • The largest open deck space for a vessel of its class
  • The largest crane capacity for a vessel of its class
  • Moon pool deployed saturation diving system
  • Stable vessel suitable for rougher seas and congested areas


Length: 240 ft
Width: 48 ft
Molded depth: 14 ft
Main deck: 46 ft x 125 ft
Open deck space: 5,750 sq ft


Fuel: 60,000 gal
Water: 90,000 gal


Flag: U.S.A.
Classification: ABS / USCG


Economic transit: 10 knots


Total accommodations: 54 persons
Dive & support crew: 34 persons
Company reps & 3rd party support services: 20 persons


Tonnage: 70-ton Hydraulic
Crane wire: 1,100 ft
Model: Mantis model 14010


Engines: (2) 645 EMDs C model
Propulsion: Twin screw
Horsepower: 1,500
Main generators: (2) 300 kw
Emergency generators*: (1) 375 kw
Saturation generators: (1) 275 kw
* Emergency generator can run both main and saturation

Station Keeping

Winches: (2) SMATCO double drum
Wire: (4) 6,000 x 1-1/4 in wire
Anchors: Two (2) 17,000 lbs and (2) 15,000 lbs

Diving Equipment

The single bell 6-man saturation diving system supports diving to a maximum depth of 1,000 ft
Centralized moon pool
Hyperbaric rescue chamber (HRC), self-launching
Built-in surface diving system
(2) Built-in hydraulic packages
Built-in 6 in x 6 in jet pump
Built-in electric welding machines
(3) Welding machines / burning packages