Tensioned String Anode February 1, 2019

Introducing TSA™, a new system for cathodic protection


Morrison, De Nora and Cescor have teamed up in the field of CATHODIC PROTECTION RETROFIT of offshore platforms, providing a complete package that includes:

  • Advanced design and modeling
  • Supply and manufacturing of top quality anodes and CP components
  • Installation works and maintenance services

Morrison will be contributing procurement services, logistics, construction, installation and maintenance, while Cescor will handle site surveys, design, supervision and commissioning. De Nora is responsible for manufacturing and supply.

The Tensioned String Anode (TSA) technology developed by De Nora, provides an efficient and cost-effective cathodic protection retrofit for in-service offshore platforms. Steel platforms that experience anode deterioration can benefit tremendously from this type of intervention, and the life of the platform can be extended.

The impressed current TSA system offers the following advantages with respect to galvanic anodes and other retrofit solutions:

  • Simple and cost-effective installation
  • Excellent current and potential distribution
  • Easy monitoring of system performance
  • Robustness and long-term reliability

Our TSA™ Technology can be applied to any cathodic protection retrofit needs in both shallow and deep water, as shown below in the configuration examples:

Introducing TSA Morrison Energy: TSA
Finite Element Modeling was extensively used in the design of the Petrobras and Vega Projects. Modeling of the current and potential distribution was performed with the aim to verify that correct protection conditions were achieved all over the structure, with an effort of dividing local overprotection conditions.

For more information about the Tensioned String Anode technology, contact David Brown, VP Projects, Morrison.

David Brown

Direct: 281.415.3526



TSA is a trademark of Industrie De Nora.