Morrison's DSV Kelly Morrison June 27, 2022

Morrison’s DSV Kelly Morrison successfully completed a pipeline tie-in project for one of the largest independent exploration and productions in the Gulf of Mexico.

Feedback was shared by the client field representative citing an outstanding job well done, specifically recognizing the following:


Diving Superintendent: 

  • Very safe and productive throughout the project. Always looking 3 steps ahead to make sure the crew was well prepared and equipped with the proper tools and equipment to safely complete the task at hand. 
  • Good communication. 
  • Great organizational skills. Projects generate a tremendous amount of paperwork throughout the project. Each day your superintendent had all JSA/Permits lined out and properly completed for approval, as well as maintained the end-of-job folder daily. 
  • Very knowledgeable and experienced superintendent. He takes a lot of pride in his job and expects the same out of his crew. Outstanding leader!

Diving Crew: 

  • Never had any problems with the divers. Very well-rounded crew with a ton of experience. 
  • Always dressing in and ready to dive, the vessel was never waiting on the divers. 
  • Each diver was safe and productive throughout the project. 

Tending Crew:

  • Persistent about wearing all the proper PPE. 
  • Good crane operations. 
  • Good housekeeping on deck. The back deck was loaded down with a lot of equipment a couple of different times and the tenders did a great job making sure area walkways were clear and free of any hazards, as well as making sure all loose equipment & materials were secured at all times. 
  • It’s always a win when a project can be completed with no chamber incidents, enough said. 

Vessel Crew: 

  • The Captain is one of the best 4-point anchor captains I’ve ever worked with, period. 
  • ABs keep the vessel clean and sanitized. Chet has always done very well in this area. Morrison’s vessels are some of the cleanest I work on. 

Thank you again for another injury-free project! You guys have put together a great crew!”

Interested in utilizing the DSV Kelly Morrison and its crew on an upcoming project? View the vessel spec sheet here and get in touch to discuss your needs.