Offshore + Deepwater

Morrison CM15


South Marsh Island

Provided a turnkey solution for the successful installation of oil and gas sales pipelines in SMI 58 and SMI 69 blocks.

The 60,720 foot pipeline installation campaign consisted of 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch pipelines in water depths of approximately 140 feet and included burials, risers and tie-in fabrication and installations, crossing mitigation, and pigging, hydro testing and commissioning of the pipelines.

The pipeline installation presented a unique opportunity for the triple lay of a portion of the overall pipelay on the project.  The technique required special planning and preparation at the dock but increased efficiencies from less pipeline initiations, barge anchor set ups and pipeline laydowns.

Morrison worked with the export pipeline companies and installed hot tap tie-in on those transmission lines. This was performed utilizing Morrison’s dive asset, DSV Kelly Morrison, while the DSV Joanne Morrison provided both saturation and surface diving support for the riser clamp, pipeline tie-ins and various dive operations.

  • Storage of pipe at Morrison facility until client was ready for installation
  • Transported pipe and materials offshore
  • Lay and bury the pipelines with the CM-15
  • Install the tie-ins, pig, hydrotest and commission the pipelines with the DSV Kelly Morrison
  • Saturation support with the DSV Joanne Morrison
  • Triple-mat installation
  • Triple pipeline installation
  • Turn the pipelines over to operations ready for service

The project was completed was completed on time, without incident.

The overall success of the project can be attributed to the proper planning and execution under a “one-team partnership approach”. –  Morrison Project Manager

I wish I could name each person individually on the DSV Joanne Morrison that took part in making the SM58G/SM69E a successful project. The teamwork and emphasis on safety was premier. Dan and Craig, the dive superintendents, and the dive supervisors were great to work with. Also, moral was very high on the project starting with Captain Larry, and throughout the crew. I hope I get a chance to work with Morrison again.

Client Project Coordinator