Morrison Completes Joanne Morrison diving support March 4, 2019

Morrison Completes Joanne Morrison Diving Support Vessel Dry Dock

Morrison has successfully completed the dry docking of its saturation support vessel (DSV) Joanne Morrison for upgrades.

DSV Joanne Morrison is a 240 ft saturation diving vessel with capabilities to perform scopes of work to depths as deep as 1000 ft of seawater and is the largest of its class in the Gulf of Mexico. It hosts all equipment onboard to allow divers to lower into the water and make subsea connections, abandon pipelines, perform subsea repairs, and any other diving task that may be presented. It is equipped with the largest crane and largest back deck on a vessel of its class. The vessel consists of a stable working platform with a 4-point mooring system allowing it to safely withstand rough seas.

The DSV Joanne Morrison supports oil and gas operators and transmission companies handling various scopes of work in the Gulf of Mexico.

The dry dock consisted of structural, mechanical, tank and coating upgrades to provide top-class accommodations to workers and clients further ensuring successful execution. The vessel has fully updated certifications, diving systems and capabilities.

Martin Cox, Diving Director, Morrison, said, “This complex project was given a 60-day turnaround deadline with the objective of making the vessel safer for divers, clients and vessel personnel. These updates will ensure that our equipment continues to lead the industry and provide our clients with confidence that the DSV Joanne Morrison can handle larger projects than any competitor in the Gulf of Mexico. Further, the DSV Joanne Morrison can now complete a multitude of projects involving saturation diving for our oil and gas business partners with a higher level of safety and efficiency than ever before.”