Morrison father's day story June 17, 2016

A Father’s Day Story

Remembering Pops by Melanie Erlinger

My dad’s name was Norman Sevin, but everyone called him “Pops”.  He started working at Chet Morrison Contractors in early 1997 until he passed away in May of 2014.  He loved his job for so many reasons!  He worked in the tool room, drove the crew van, and worked as the day guard and the night guard as needed.  Every night my mom would pack his lunch and often he would share his lunch with other employees who may not have had any lunch or just because it was his nature to give to others. He had such a kind, loving and big heart and especially loved interacting with people.

Everyone who knew him loved him and respected him. His laughter was contagious, his smile amazing and those eyes of his always shine so bright and full of laughter, he had a wonderful sense of humor – he looked forward to coming to work everyday!

Chet Morrison Contractors didn’t just live for Pops, Pops lived for Chet Morrison Contractors!

Many of Pops’ family members work with us, including Melanie who is our receptionist at our Harvey fabrication facility.