Morrison communication April 25, 2018

Communication, teamwork and solid execution continue to help secure long-term relationships with our clients.

Jacob Shaw, Business Development Representative for Morrison , was recently recognized by a client from one of the largest energy transportation companies in North America for his work ethic, dedication to continuous improvement and overall approach to his role at Morrison.  We asked Jacob to tell us about how he builds successful relationships with our clients.

Opportunities can come in multiple forms, but the key to ensuring doors will open is to create a solid foundation to build upon. This is what I focus on as I grow business for Chet Morrison Contractors (Morrison).

I am proud of the level of teamwork that went into not only maintaining steady workload in a depleted market, but increasing the workload in some capacities.   Last year we were able to expand our business with several key clients while establishing new relationships with key target customers that will have a large impact on business in 2019 and 2020.

Every project that we initiate and complete as a team is exciting, as it means the client has a level of faith and trust in our expertise to handle their project. Morrison has created the opportunity for me to take a level of ownership in projects; a situation I had never experienced at previous jobs. The project managers do an excellent job of keeping the Business Development team in the loop throughout the course of the project and heeding our advice in determining path forwards with clients. It’s this communication and teamwork that helps secure long-term relationships with our clients.

One of the primary differentiators about Morrison from similar organizations is our approach to projects.  Our philosophy is, “We want to work with you, not just for you!” I believe this simple, yet powerful, anecdote speaks volumes as we have the industry expertise to assist in creating alternative solutions to projects, which create added-value that clients seek.

My clients express to me that they enjoy working with our organization.  I believe in what we deliver to the client and therefore, this gives me much satisfaction to receive positive feedback.  But we also don’t shy away from discussing improvement opportunities. This is how we all get better and build stronger relationships.

My belief is that success is a state of mind. Only you can determine your own level of success. Success cannot be measured by a numerical value or judged through financial gain. Success is what you make of it. What makes me successful is eroding any form of sedentary notion that attempts to combat my hunger for success. I continually strive to push the envelope of my capabilities and increasing my knowledge; knowledge is power, and being able to persevere in any situation not only makes me successful, but makes me a survivor.

Jacob Shaw joined the Morrison team in 2016.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management with a concentration on Professional Sales from Nicholls State University and has his Master’s of Business Administration from Ashford University.  Jacob and his wife, Alma, have a two year old daughter and welcomed a son, named Marc Joseph, just this week.