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4-pt Surface Dive Vessel

185’ with a 40 ton crane and 2,800 sq ft of open deck space, this vessel is a leader in its class, allows for most efficient operations and can handle arduous weather conditions.

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DSV Kelly Morrison is a 185 ft 4-point dive support vessel with capabilities to perform work in deeper water depths. It has the largest crane capacity and largest open deck space than any other vessel in its class, allowing for heavier and more efficient construction work capabilities. The telescoping 40-ton hydraulic crane with a vertical reach of 86 ft and a horizontal reach of 75 ft is used to assist in setting risers, riser clamps, boat landings and pre-fabricated spool pieces up to 120 ft in length.

The vessel’s configuration provides support equipment such as diving compressors and jet pumps to be located below deck, leaving the 2,800 sq ft of main deck space open for the storage and fabrication of pipeline materials and components.

The Kelly Morrison accommodates 27 personnel, exclusive of the vessel crew, which allows for 24-hour diving capability.

The vessel has two generators on board and an emergency generator, further reducing the risk of downtime. The vessel’s heavy anchors, 1-1/8 in anchor cables and winches allow for a firmer, solid rest on the sea bottom. This stable anchoring avoids the potential for unsafe anchor drags in congested areas during rougher seas.

In 2019, the vessel completed a major dry dock with upgrades to the vessel resulting in enhanced performance for safety and operational assurance. The vessel has fully updated capabilities, diving systems and certifications.

The DSV Kelly Morrison supports oil and gas operators and transmission companies handling a multitude of projects involving surface diving in the Gulf of Mexico with a higher level of safety and efficiency than similar vessels in its class.


Name: Kelly Morrison
Type: DSV / Dive Support Vessel
Flag / Class: U.S.A. / ABS
Dimensions: 185 ft x 40 ft
Open Deck Space: 2,800 sq ft
Crane Capacity: 40-ton hydraulic crane


  • 4-point anchor mooring system
  • The largest open deck space for a vessel of its class
  • The largest crane capacity for a vessel of its class
  • Deep air / gas surface diving system
  • Stable vessel suitable for rougher seas and congested areas


Length: 185 ft
Width: 40 ft
Molded depth: 13 ft 6 in
Main deck: 40 ft x 83 ft
Open deck space: 2,800 sq ft


Fuel: 61,682 gal
Water: 153,671 gal


Flag: U.S.A.
Classification: ABS / USCG


Economic transit: 10 knots


Total accommodations: 35 persons


Tonnage: 40-ton Hydraulic
Crane wire: 900 ft
Model: Mantis model 8012


Engines: (2) Caterpillar 3512
Propulsion: Twin screw
Horsepower: 2,250
Main generators: (2) 150 kw
Emergency generators: (1) 100 kw

Station Keeping

Winches: (2) Amcon 385 double drum
Wire: (4) 5,000 ft x 1-1/8 in
Anchors: (4) 10,000 lbs stockless

Diving Equipment

Deep air / gas mixed surface diving station
(2) Hyperbaric decompression chambers
Built-in 6 in x 6 in jet pump
(2) Built-in hydraulic packages
400 cfm / 135 psi air compressor