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We know our team is second-to-none, and that we have dedicated individuals making an impact in their jobs every day. That’s why we created the MPact program to recognize our standout team members.

An “MPact Leader” is an employee who embodies Morrison’s core values and positively impacts our organization through their attitude, dependability, performance and actions.



How to Make an MPact

Step 1: Be on the lookout for a team member who does something that embodies Morrison’s core values and positively impacts our organization through their actions. 

Step 2: Recognize that person by submitting the form below. See details below form for eligibility requirements.

Step 3: Look for your nominee’s recognition and make sure that you’re exemplifying our organization’s core values too – You could be nominated next!


Nominate an MPact Leader

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.


Program Details


MPact Leaders: All nominees will receive a MPact branded t-shirt and other Morrison/MPact branded items, special recognition from their supervisor and Department Manager in front of their peers and the details of the nomination will be shared with Morrison’s executive team. 



  • Must be an active employee
  • Nomination will be approved by Department Manager
  • Based on attitude, dependability, work performance and NOT safety performance
  • At-risk behavior warrants disqualification*
  • Violation of any Human Resources policy warrants disqualification

*At-risk behavior is defined as any violation of Morrison’s safety processes and procedures, damage to equipment through improper usage, allowing employees under a supervisor’s charge to engage in any unsafe work practice and failure to report workplace incidents.

Nomination Process

  1. Clients, managers and employees may nominate any employee
  2. Nomination form is validated for eligibility and approved by Department Manager
  3. Employee is notified and recognized as an “MPact Leader”


Thank you for taking the time to recognize an MPact Leader.