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Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technician


The NDT Technician will perform various duties, the specifics of which are dependent upon the Methods of Nondestructive Testing he/she is certified to perform.


  • Visually inspecting subsea drilling risers (or other equipment, piping, products, etc. as required) and documenting inspection findings.
  • Inspecting the corrosion protection systems (protective coatings) on the above-mentioned entities or others as required by COMPANY, measuring the effectiveness and documenting findings.
  • Acquisitions of the physical measurement of dents, gouges, deflections, wear, corrosion, other damage, etc. on the above mentioned entities or others as determined by COMPANY, for determination of fitness for continued service.
  • Inspecting and testing for cracks in the above-mentioned entities or others as determined by COMPANY using ACFM (alternate current field measurement), dye penetrant, or magnetic particle testing products and equipment and documenting findings.
  • Measuring remaining wall thickness, verifying absence of internal defects (or measuring the size of any that are found) using ultrasonic test equipment, and documenting findings.
  • Performing industrial x-ray inspection of those entities listed above or others as determined by COMPANY.
  • Inspection and maintenance of the tools and equipment used to perform the duties above.
  • Ensure that all inspection findings are documented appropriately in conformance with the requirements for each inspection method as well as the requirements of the client.
  • Ensure that certifications/documentation (for self and for each item of equipment) are present on the jobsite throughout the course of inspection.


  • Education and Training – High School Diploma or equivalent; Must be certified in two or more different NDT Methods, with familiarity in the other Methods.
  • Technical Requirements – Must be able to read and comprehend the necessary training manuals, QMS and Procedures for NDT, as well as the manufacturer’s manual for all of the instruments and peripheral equipment.
  • Experience – MT, PT, VT, and UT-Thickness (UT-Shearwave would be preferred)  2+ years in related field.

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