As stewards of the industry, we actively participate in and support initiatives that focus on providing advancements and continuous improvements in our industry. We are proud to be affiliated with numerous outstanding organizations and associations focused on bettering the commercial diving industry, including:


Association Of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) (show logo and link to

ADCI represents the commercial diving industry around the world. The establishment of industry-wide safe standards for commercial diving was the foundation upon which ADCI was built. Since then, ADCI has grown to encompass more than 600 member companies, furnishing services and/or support for the conduct of safe underwater operations from 41 nations throughout the world. 

  • Bo Ristic, Board of Directors 2nd VP for ADCI (2018 – 2019) 


US GoM Diving Safety Work Group (DSWG) (insert logo)

The US GoM Diving Safety Workgroup is a US GoM focused, non-competitive and non-commercial group of oil and gas operators, transmission companies, commercial diving companies, supporting subcontractors, organizations and industry stakeholders.


National Offshore Safety Advisory Committee (NOSAC)

The National Offshore Safety Advisory Committee advises the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security on matters and actions concerning activities directly involved with or in support of the exploration of offshore mineral and energy resources insofar as they relate to matters within U.S. Coast Guard jurisdiction.


Other affiliations: