Morrison employee learning and development January 30, 2020

Daniel Dupre: How Morrison is Reinvigorating Training Through Technology


Daniel Dupre’, Employee Learning & Development Manager, shares insight on what his department is focused on in 2020.  

My team and I are proud of the tremendous investment Morrison makes towards employee learning and development every year. This investment in our people truly sets us apart from our competition because we know that the quality and quantity of the training our employees receive enables them to be more effective in the field and translates to increased efficiency and lower cost. This is just a part of what sets Morrison apart from our industry peers. Quality training is also key to helping keep our employees safe while supporting their families and loved ones.

As we change, grow and expand our businesses, we strive to stay abreast of the new and rapidly changing technology in the learning and development community to remain viable and effective. 

A few of the initiatives that are new for 2020 include:

  1. Train Track
    This year we implemented a new access database called Train Track. This allows for faster processing of new employees and convenient access to employee training records for personnel coordinators.
  2. Barcoded ID Cards
    We recently incorporated a QR code on our training ID cards for certain training courses, such as the recent supervisor leadership courses conducted for barge supervisors and deepwater riser supervisors. This allows easy digital access to all course materials at your fingertips using your mobile phone.
  3. Distance Learning
    We are expanding the courses that we offer through distance learning. Some materials are now available without traveling to the classroom. This can provide easy access to courses and materials such as OSHA Annual Training and BSEE Marine Trash and Debris. We will also be adding short refresher videos on basic crane operating fundamentals, including critical lift plans.
  4. Instructional Design
    We are designing new courses and redesigning existing ones to make the learning more effective. The new courses will also be geared more towards using adult learning techniques and presenting material in different, more interactive and participatory ways.
  5. Leadership Courses
    We are excited and enthusiastic to continue building upon the foundation laid in the leadership course(s) for supervisors and extend them to managers as well. Personal development courses such as “Building a High Trust Organization,” “Goal Setting,” “The Psychology of Achievement” and “Time Management” are just a few to help us keep the momentum going.

Although having technology is vital, it is second to the development of the human capital within our businesses and utilizing the newest tools coupled with adult training techniques. This ultimately helps our employees to reach their own personal development and financial goals. Technology is easily duplicated across businesses through time, so we can’t rely on it to set us apart from our peers indefinitely. In order to differentiate Morrison, we must stay in front of our industry by relying on our well educated individual leaders who possess the highest character and unshakeable trust in their teams. Our leaders must also have the ability to get things done with the aid of our hardworking staff.  

Construction work is among the highest risk industries and accounts for a majority of the accidents and fatalities that occur every year. The work our employees perform every day can be hard and strenuous, often in harsh offshore marine environments or in remote onshore locations. This makes the importance of a trained and competent workforce even more essential to successful operations. 

We are a learning organization, and as such, training is a fundamental part of our commitment to our employees, their families and the communities we live in and represent. A properly trained, knowledgeable and competent workforce is truly the backbone of our success and a key element in achieving an exemplary safety record.

For any additional information on these new programs, please contact Daniel Dupre’ at 985-850-2637.