iJacket September 17, 2018

Announcing iJacket: A New Method in Foundation Design

Morrison is pleased to announce our partnership with iSIMS to create and launch iJacket™, a new optimized method in jacket and foundation design.

Reduce Material & Labor Requirements of Traditional Foundations by up to 30%

iSIMS and Morrison have teamed up to optimize structural performance and provide significant cost savings for the offshore wind industry. As a result, the patented iJacket™ is more structurally optimized than the conventional true X-braced jacket design, supporting the same deck load, conductor/riser count, drilling deck, wind turbine or other payload as its conventional counterpart while providing significant cost savings and reduce material and labor requirements over traditional foundations and jackets by up to 30%.

Watch our video for more information:


“The modular nature of the iJacket™ dramatically reduces time and energy spent fabricating and makes available a wider choice of fabrication locations. Its lower weight and reduced footprint makes transport and offshore assembly quicker and more economical than ever before, with its shape and design allowing for more optimized cargo arrangement and less barge transportation cost. Furthermore, a more open design ensures the iJacket™ is 100% ROV and AUV accessible, which eliminates the need for divers to carry out inspections,” shares Greg Detiveaux, Morrison vice president of business development.


Morrison is the exclusive fabricator for North America, Mexico, the Caribbean and the north coast of South America, and DNV GL has awarded iSIMS with an Approved in Principle (AiP) for the iJacket™ design method. iJacket™  will be featured at the Offshore Wind Executive Summit in Houston, September 24-25, 2018.



iSIMS is globally recognized for technological excellence, providing solutions to meet corporate and regulatory compliance while safely optimizing the allocation of valuable resources. iSIMS supports clients in the deployment of technology to mitigate risk and assess structural failure through accurate modeling of complex strength, fatigue and fracture mechanisms. For more information, visit www.intellisims.com.