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Riser Foreman


The basic function of the position is to manage and coordinate the activities of all production personnel for all assigned jobs and to ensure that all related work is performed properly, efficiently, of acceptable quality, in a cost effective manner, and within the safety standards of the company related to Customer provided procedures, which are related to preventative maintenance and storage of Customer’s equipment.


  • Enforces all of the company’s safety policies, rules, and regulations and ensures the work sites maintain a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Provides advice and counsel to the Superintendent.
  • Manages all projects to maximize the efficiency of the facility, work force, materials, supplies, equipment, and tools within budget and time constraints of customers.
  • Works to maintain subordinate and other employee morale at a high level.
  • Establishes the activities of the crew to achieve objectives and assures work is performed safely and to the highest quality.
  • Maintains ongoing project status communication with Superintendent.
  • Ensures all time cards are completed per Company procedures.
  • Ensures Daily Field Reports (DFR) are completed and approved as required.
  • Ensures all material, manpower, equipment, and other items necessary for the completion of the job are requested on a timely and cost effective basis.
  • Ensures equipment is maintained while being utilized on projects under direct control.
  • Addresses and resolves both technical and operational problems and/or issues that may arise as part of the site’s normal operation.
  • Performs any other duties which are in the best interest of the Company, as directed by the Superintendent.


Regardless of other duties, the organization has a responsibility to follow Chet Morrison Contractors, LLC production, safety, and quality procedures.



  1. Education and Training – High School Diploma or equivalent.
  2. Experience – 3+ years of direct experience in the following:
    1. oil and gas industry
    2. fabrication
    3. construction
    4. pipeline and interconnect piping
    5. riser repair/installation

About Deepwater Riser Services:

In 2008, Chet Morrison Contractors, LLC (Morrison) expanded its service lines to include riser repair and storage services. Since then, Deepwater Riser Services has grown to become a premier provider of riser services for major companies including Cameron, Seadrill, TransOcean and Valaris.

Deepwater Riser Services provides comprehensive inspection, transportation, maintenance, repair, and storage services for marine drilling risers and equipment and has plans to expand its service capabilities even further. Visit our website at